Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsians Helping Estians

Hey Everybody,

I am going to start this post by asking for your help for a fellow etsian. Theorangepeel whom most of you know, sells vintage items on etsy, is in dire need at the moment.
Her name is Nancy, and she is sick - taking treatments, and can't work because of the treatments. She has quite a few bills that are overdue and that she needs help with. Her etsy shop was her only source of income, and Etsy has closed her shop because she is unable to pay her fees.

I have never asked anybody for help for somebody before, but she really needs it right now. And, she had helped most of us in some way or another.

Since she can't sell her items in her shop, I thought maybe we could all help her out in some way or another. Either donating part of an items sale or the whole items sale.

I have her address and would be glad to collect the funds and send them on to her for you. I can also send you her paypal address and physical address if you would like to help that way.

If you are interested in participating, please email me at
I will post your shop here on my blog, and I will not be able to thank you enough.

Please help if you can. I appreciate it!!


**** please see the shops below****

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