Monday, February 16, 2009

The results and the real deal!!

First, a huge thank you to everybody who voted!!! How much fun was that!!

Here is the big picture of Mysimplewords. The reason all of this started was I never saw him in this avatar. Just his dog and what I thought was a blanket. Sooo..... his name is now "blankie" to me and will forever be (I can't help myself).

But here is what everbody has been waiting for:

No cat, just the dog, and blankie err.... mysimplewords!!!

Now, granted that is one big dog!!!

Thanks again!!!!!!

He won the bet. Dang it!!!


seababejewelry said...

Yay, that's what we voted!

PastryStitches said...

So that's why you call him blankie ^_^ hehe

wrappedNwarmth said...

haha I never knew he was in the picture. I thought it was a dog laying on a blanket. LOL

What do you see in the avatar below ??