Friday, February 13, 2009

Update #2 On Thepeel!

Hi again!!

Per Nancy's instructions I have taken down the items available to help her. She is beyond thankful, and can't say it enough. We have all helped her tremendously, and what I am doing with some of my items (thanks Seababe for the suggestion) is doing PIF's. Pay-it-Forward. You list an item for $.20 cents and you send your good karma and luck on to somebody else. What a wonderful idea. There are many people who can use that good luck!
I would also like to reiterate my Thanks!! I can not possibly say it enough. You all were wonderful and you all rock!
This has restored my faith in humanity, the generosity of others, and the just overall goodwill that is still out there.
You all have my thanks and Nancy's thanks!!!

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